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Courier Services

With an extensive range of parcel delivery and courier services in Adelaide, you can be confident we have the perfect courier service for you.

Whatever the urgency or size of delivery, our Adelaide based parcel delivery network will meet any courier need you throw at us. Our team offers a 24 hour courier service, working around the clock to ensure your goods arrive when and where you need them.

The Aussiefast network of courier vehicles is as diverse as our range of services, and includes bikes, vans, utes and semi-trailers. All vehicles in the fleet are impeccably maintained, and many are equipped with GPS tracking technology. All our vehicles and dedicated operators always ensure fast and safe delivery, anytime of the day or night.

Our complete suite of courier services is cost-effective and efficient.

Adelaide 24 Hour Courier Service

Reliable Adelaide couriers operating 24 hours a day

We are the Adelaide courier service who operate 24/7 with a specialised after hours team so you speak to a team member no matter what time you call.

Our 24 hour courier service team offers exceptional customer service from the first point of contact, through to the safe delivery of your cargo. We can provide you with an immediate courier solution if required and our drivers are highly trained to safely transport every type of cargo, including time sensitive and careful handling items like medical, pathology and blood related products.

Any size, any vehicle, we can deliver anytime! For larger packages that would need a ute, truck or larger vehicle, its best to call during business hours to arrange the delivery at the time that suits you, so we can be certain we can arrange the best vehicle for you.

  • Bikes (CBD 0nly) – for urgent delivery of documents and small parcels
  • Hatchbacks – for quick delivery of documents and small parcels
  • Sedan – for quick delivery of documents and small parcels
  • Station Wagon – for quick delivery of small to medium and long parcels
  • Vans – for delivery of larger quantities of small and medium sized parcels
  • Taxi Trucks – from 2-tonne to semi-trailer combinations with tailgates
  • Utes – for that job that is a little too big or requires mechanical loading or unloading

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Same Day Courier & Express Delivery

Same day courier and express Adelaide courier

When the boss or a client is on your back and you need to send a letter or parcel fast. From local city delivery within the hour or larger goods to any Adelaide metropolitan area, we have an express delivery service to save the day.

  • Express Delivery Service
    Delivery within 2-3 hours of initial booking
  • Same Day Service
    Delivery within same day as booking and pickup
  • VIP Express Delivery Service
    First available vehicle and no deviation on the way
  • City Bike Service
    Three levels of time sensitive delivery services

Express Delivery & Same Day Services

SA Country Couriers

Adelaide to SA country and regional couriers

Who doesn’t love a trip through our unique South Australian countryside? Our SA country couriers love it too, that’s why they do it! Delivering freight allows them to experience so many beautiful places our state has to offer. Where do you need them to go for you?

  • All regional cities
  • All remote towns
  • Outback farms and mine sites
  • Available in our 24 hour courier services
  • (if there’s a dot on the map, we’ll deliver there)

From small parcels to full semi-trailers, we know the best way to get it there.

SA Country Courier Services

Interstate Courier

Fast and reliable interstate courier service

Do you need to send cartons from Adelaide to anywhere around Australia? Our fast and reliable interstate courier service is designed for sending 1 or more cartons to any interstate destination.

Interstate Courier Services

For larger interstate freight including pallets and bulk freight, please see our Interstate Freight page.

Hourly Hire Taxi Trucks & Couriers

Control your own deliveries with hourly hire taxi trucks in Adelaide

Take control over your own delivery with Hourly Hire for utes, taxi trucks and semi-trailers. Our range of quality, well-maintained vehicles and experienced drivers will help you get whatever you need delivered, from boxes, to pallets to odd shaped gargantuans.

We have vans for hire on a pick up to drop basis while utes and taxi trucks ranging from 1 tonne to semi-trailers are available for hourly hire on a depot-to-depot basis.

  • Vans
  • Utes
  • Taxi-trucks
  • Semi-trailers

Hourly Hire Taxi Trucks & Couriers

Permanent Runs & Outsourcing

Set up a permanent run with Aussiefast and outsource your deliveries
  • Permanent Runs – daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Outsourcing services – eliminate the need to maintain your own fleet, let us be your transport division.

Permanent Runs & Outsourcing

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To book a parcel delivery or courier service, call us now on 13 13 64 or use our online booking system.

For more info on any of parcel delivery and courier services in Adelaide or interstate, either call us on 13 13 64 or fill out our enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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