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About Us

Aussiefast is an Australian owned transport company offering linehaul and distribution services Australia wide, local courier services in Adelaide, and warehousing in Adelaide and Melbourne.

The Aussiefast fleet includes:

Aussiefast Transport has a diverse vehicle fleet

Single and Double Mezzanine Trucks offering flexibility for a large variety of freight types and conditions. These vehicles alleviate the need for top loading and double stacking; and reduces risk of damage to sensitive and fragile freight.

  • B-Double Trucks for large loads.
  • Road Trains
  • Rigids available in a range of weight and load capacities.
  • Utes and Vans to suit smaller loads and specific freight conditions.
  • Tailgates for easier loading and unloading.
  • Bike couriers for express and same day delivery of envelopes and small parcels within the Adelaide CBD.

The Aussiefast Fleet

We have a diverse national network of more than 300 specially equipped vehicles, enabling us to match the ideal vehicle, or chain of vehicles, to suit your delivery and transportation needs.

Nationally, our fleet network includes a wide range of trucks and semi-trailers for large-scale linehaul and distribution solutions.

Our Adelaide-based network includes everything from bike couriers, vans and utes for handling smaller courier style deliveries up to trucks and semi-trailers for local bulk freight solutions.

All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance, safety and security checks to ensure ongoing efficient and reliable transport, no matter what you need delivered.

The safety of our drivers, other road users and the Australian community at large are very important to us. Driver fatigue affects much more than delivery times and we are committed to ensuring driver fatigue is not an issue, with a number of key measures and procedures in place to prevent it from occurring.

Aussiefast Transport Solutions depot

Our History

Aussiefast first opened its doors in 1987. Starting out with a team of just 7 people, we set out to achieve great things for our valued customers. In the early days we focussed on providing a more efficient courier service to the Adelaide market. This gave us an edge over the competition, and was backed by our great service and friendly staff.

Over the years we’ve greatly expanded our team, and increased our service offerings to include interstate freight and linehaul – which has since become a major focus of the business, having now delivered millions of tonnes of freight across Australia. With depots in most capital cities, we provide a comprehensive national logistics and distribution service for our clients.

This careful journey of growth has resulted in our clients enjoying a first-class freight service, with the flexibility to match the perfect vehicles to their freight delivery needs, Australia wide.

The Future

They say the only constant in life is change and that is certainly true of the Aussiefast story. But that’s what keeps the journey fresh and interesting. Tackling new challenges has always brought us to new people with unique stories that we get to be a part of… working together with our valued clients to meet their needs, while striving to improve our service, ensures we always offer the best to our customers.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the years. But more importantly, we’re grateful to our clients for allowing us to serve them and to play a part in their success. We’ve met a lot of great people, made a lot of friends and have handled many interesting jobs!

Our first 30 years have been a great ride, and we look forward to what the next 30 years will bring. But no matter what, we’ll always be doing our best to be the people you can trust with your goods, delivering great, reliable service for our amazing clients year after year. Remember, our commitment to you is:
“Trusted people, trusted service”

Aussiefast Transport Solutions staff

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How can we help?
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